On June 16, Audra McDonald and a coalition of professionals from across the theatre industry announced the launch of Black Theatre United, an organization whose mission is to inspire reform and combat systemic racism within the theatre community and throughout the nation.

Comprised of performers, writers, directors, stage managers, and more, Black Theatre United’s mission states:

As members of the black theatre community we stand together to help protect black people, black talent, and black lives of all shapes and orientations in theatre and communities across the country. Our voices are united to empower our community through activism in the pursuit of justice and equality for the betterment of all humanity. We need every voice lifted and every heart opened, aligned with ours to fight against racist ideologies that have divided us by devaluing our lives. We will not be silent. We will be seen. We will be heard. We are here. Join Us.

Emphasizing four goals—awareness, accountability, advocacy, and action—BTU will work at the community and national levels to elevate anti-racist causes and support the Black community through various resources and initiatives.

Visit www.blacktheatreunited.com to learn about BTU and join the movement.