In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Audra McDonald expressed her confidence that “[Broadway] will be back and stronger than ever.” Hailed by the publication as the “Queen of the quarantine Zoom screen,” Audra spoke about her various virtual fundraising engagements, the strength of the Broadway community and its supporters, and what she is looking forward to most upon New York reopening.

Audra lent some words of encouragement saying, “Broadway is not dead. That’s the thing. People have said Broadway is dead so many other times. No. Broadway is not dead. Broadway is a phoenix and will continue to rise.” She concluded the interview with a word of advice to theater artists everywhere: “Hold on—just hold on. Reach out virtually however you can. If you’re someone who is in the theater, use this time to maybe work on your craft a little bit in your apartment. Practice more. But fear not… Theater is not going anywhere.”

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