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Announcing Black Theatre United

On June 16, Audra McDonald and a coalition of professionals from across the theatre industry announced the launch of Black Theatre United, an organization whose mission is to inspire reform and combat systemic racism within the theatre community and throughout the nation.

Comprised of performers, writers, directors, stage managers, and more, Black Theatre United’s mission states:

As members of the black theatre community we stand together to help protect black people, black talent, and black lives of all shapes and orientations in theatre and communities across the country. Our voices are united to empower our community through activism in the pursuit of justice and equality for the betterment of all humanity. We need every voice lifted and every heart opened, aligned with ours to fight against racist ideologies that have divided us by devaluing our lives. We will not be silent. We will be seen. We will be heard. We are here. Join Us.

Emphasizing four goals—awareness, accountability, advocacy, and action—BTU will work at the community and national levels to elevate anti-racist causes and support the Black community through various resources and initiatives.

Visit to learn about BTU and join the movement.

Count Us Forreal: Virtual Event with

On June 17, Audra McDonald joins Gaylene Kanoyton, Audrey Cash, and Jeanine Abrams McLean for a virtual Zoom event through FairCount.Org and The Links titled “Count Us Forreal: Sisters Sip”. Starting at 7 pm EST, the ladies will discuss what it means to show up for the community while prioritizing overall health. This event is part of Fair Count’s “virtual Juneteenth census celebration week,” which aims to celebrate black people and their history. Fair Count is an organization committed to helping communities with little to no internet access get connected in preparation for the first ever online census in 2020. For more information on Fair Count and to join in for the June 17 event, click here. For a full list of events, visit Fair Count’s website.

Voicing Ida B. Wells in New PBS Documentary “The Vote”

This July, Audra McDonald voices civil rights journalist and activist Ida B. Wells in a new PBS documentary about the women’s suffrage movement. Titled The Vote, the film “charts American women’s determined march to the ballot box, and illuminates the myriad social, political and cultural obstacles that stood in their path,” according to PBS. Joining Audra are actors Laura Linney, Mae Whitman, and Patricia Clarkson who voice several other prominent figures of the movement. The documentary premieres in two parts on July 6 and 7 on PBS, and is part of the network’s ongoing American Experience series. Click here to see an exclusive first look at the film on People. Tune in to PBS on July 6 and 7 to watch the full feature.

Audra McDonald smiles with her head tilted to the side, posing in front of a white background.

Audra Assures Vanity Fair: “Broadway is Not Dead”

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Audra McDonald expressed her confidence that “[Broadway] will be back and stronger than ever.” Hailed by the publication as the “Queen of the quarantine Zoom screen,” Audra spoke about her various virtual fundraising engagements, the strength of the Broadway community and its supporters, and what she is looking forward to most upon New York reopening.

Audra lent some words of encouragement saying, “Broadway is not dead. That’s the thing. People have said Broadway is dead so many other times. No. Broadway is not dead. Broadway is a phoenix and will continue to rise.” She concluded the interview with a word of advice to theater artists everywhere: “Hold on—just hold on. Reach out virtually however you can. If you’re someone who is in the theater, use this time to maybe work on your craft a little bit in your apartment. Practice more. But fear not… Theater is not going anywhere.”

Read the full interview on

“The Good Fight” Renewed for Fifth Season

The Good Fight, which critics have called “brilliant and often astounding television,” (The Guardian) and “full of interesting twists” (Indie Wire), has been renewed for a fifth season on CBS All Access.

The announcement comes paired with the news that the legal drama’s fourth season will end early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the last episode airing on May 28. “It left the story in even more absurd a place than usual,” said showrunners and co-creators Robert and Michelle King. “So we’re thrilled that CBS All Access wants to bring The Good Fight back… and we know what story we’re planning to tell. It’s like getting the answers to the SAT ahead of time.”

Stream full episodes of The Good Fight on CBS All Access, with the remaining new episodes of season four airing every Thursday. Stay tuned for a premiere date for season five.

Audra McDonald smiles with her head tilted to the side, posing in front of a white background.

Discussing Life in Quarantine and ‘The Good Fight’ with the Ladies of ‘The [email protected]

On Tuesday, May 12, Audra McDonald sat virtually with the women of CBS’s The Talk (currently called The [email protected]) to chat about a variety of topics including this season of The Good Fight.

Audra dished on her current situation of quarantining with a full house, her role as the host of the upcoming Covenant House benefit concert, as well as upcoming episodes of The Good Fight. Of the current season Audra said, “The characters deal with issues within the diversity of the firm and issues with anything that’s a hot button issue… this season in particular… trying to figure out how we can fight the power.” She then went on to discuss her character’s love interest, played by actor Hugh Dancy, saying, “We’re so happy to have him… And my character is a bit lonely and stressed out… the wonderful thing is they start to explore a bit of getting to know each other over the next couple of episodes.”

Click here to watch this episode of The [email protected] Stream full episodes of The Good Fight on CBS All Access.